In this study, I use the letters of Mary Compton Rice to rescue her memory as a tenacious individual and a pillar of her family. Keeping in mind who she is writing to and the historical context of her letters, I attempt to illustrate how Mary viewed herself and her influential yet contentious role as a US missionary wife. As part of this goal, I create a digital exhibit of Mary’s letters and personal photographs, found at woosterdigital.org/marycomptonrice. The importance of the digital format for this project, over traditional research formats, lies in its accessibility. This study gives Mary back agency by aligning her own words, telling her own story, with a biographical timeline. The purpose of this project is to emphasize women’s history and make use of growing digital platforms as a way to bring attention to the biography of Mary Compton Rice.


Hettinger, Madonna




Women's History

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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