Tinnitus is a problem that impacts a large number of people and has no singular etiology as such, multiple treatments are utilized in audiological practice. The purpose of this study was to investigate the counseling and therapy techniques provided by audiologists which are used to help their patients cope with tinnitus. In addition, the researcher examined how audiologists encouraged patients to use positive experiences to cope with their tinnitus. To do this the researcher first reviewed the relevant literature and then designed a unique survey. The researcher created an online survey that was then distributed to various online platforms such as email, professional message boards, and Facebook. Upon reviewing the results of the data, there were three major conclusions: audiologists are more familiar, comfortable, and utilize tinnitus masking therapy (TMT) more often than other “Traditional” Tinnitus Counseling Techniques; audiologists are likely to learn both “Psychological” and “Traditional” Tinnitus Counseling Techniques primarily via “Continued Education;” and audiologists used and reported benefits in the use of positive experiences.


Goldberg, Donald


Communication Sciences and Disorders


Communication Sciences and Disorders


tinnitus; counseling; positive experiences; audiology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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