Cryptology is the science of both cryptography and cryptanalysis, also known as the making and breaking of codes. This paper traces the history of codes from their origins up to the modern day standard AES, the Advanced Encryption Standard. This paper focuses on the internal functions of AES and the implementation of AES in software. Both the encryption and decryption algorithms of AES are implemented and the process to find the inverse operations is discussed in detail. A simplified version of AES is also discussed to investigate differential cryptanalysis. Differential cryptanalysis is one way of breaking AES by finding possible key values based on a specific difference between two plaintexts. The final section goes into brief detail of how differential cryptanalysis is applied to the full AES algorithm and is future work for this paper.


Breitenbucher, Jon

Second Advisor

Byrnes, Denise D.


Computer Science; Mathematics


Applied Mathematics

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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