This phenomenological study examines the mathematical experiences of students who were born, raised, and educated in the Ohio Appalachian Valley region. The purpose of this study is to examine how these experiences impact the perceptions of the students in this region and seek a greater understanding of these perceptions from both individual and collective group levels. This study hopes to accomplish two things: 1) provide an understanding of the mathematical experiences of students in the Ohio Appalachian Valley and 2) develop recommendations based on current best practices in mathematics education that teachers in this region may use to guide their future teaching. This study sought out individuals who conducted their entire formal education, K-16, in the Ohio Appalachian Valley region and who also plan to teach or are currently teaching in the same area. The participants in this study are five students from Ohio University, Marietta College, and the College of Wooster. All participants are either pursuing or have graduated with a degree in mathematics and education. This study asked these subjects to reflect back on their mathematical experiences in the form of a written protocol, called a Lived Experience Description. This description was used as a source for questions asked during a semi-structured interview with each participant that lasted up to 90 minutes. These interviews were audio recorded and transcribed in order to preserve the subjects_ voices. The composite information gained through four thematic domains: lived time, lived space, lived human relation, and lived body create an illustrative description that is based on the collective group of participants. It is through the lens of these domains, one can clearly see how participant_s mathematical experience in the Ohio Appalachian Valley Region affects their current mathematical paths.


Ramsay, John R.

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Broda, Matthew



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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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