This research utilizes an interview-based study which examines the perception of higher education among the Hispanic community, and what factors influence this perception. Over the last couple of decades, the Hispanic population in the United States continues its trend to increase. However, the rate of Hispanics performing and attending a Higher Education system is not keeping pace with the rate of population. Due to these reasons, my study intends to see what trends are visible in the Hispanic’s perception of higher education, and how their perceptions are affecting their achievability of education. In this study, I utilize interview data from 10 participants. I utilize Bourdieu’s theory of Capital, Giroux’s theory of social reproduction, and the Critical Race theory to understand the relationship between perceptions and educational achievement. I conclude that three factors have a major impact on the perception of higher education among the Hispanic community and that my findings can be used to increase the probability of a Hispanic achieving a good education and attending a higher education institution.


Matsuzawa, Seikio


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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