Game theory is a branch of applied mathematics which is concerned with social interactions between players, particularly those interactions that involve conflicts. Players in these games can be humans, animals, or anything else which can exhibit strategic behavior. Game theoretic concepts can be used both to model these interactions, as well as mathematically compute strategies which will optimize the payoffs, or rewards, to each of the players. In this study, we will be operating under the assumption that players are acting with their best interests in mind, and not the best interests of anyone else. It is the goal of this work to show that the game theoretic solutions to a variety of games from different fields can be used to show how individuals should behave in a wide range of situations in real life. This will be done by solving different types of games, and using the results from these games to explain how players should behave in reality. Since it would be impossible for any single study to cover all possible games, we will be restricting ourselves to games that relate to international relations, biology, politics and economics.


Newland, Derek


Mathematics; Computer Science

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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