Fifteen percent of couples are thought to be infertile, and in twenty to thirty percent of these cases it is due to male infertility. Male infertility can be due to one or a combination of alterations in ejaculate parameters. Men can adjust their ejaculate parameters in relation to external factors. Several factors including image content can influence ejaculate parameters. A study on the effect of visual cues of sex ratios on sperm parameters has shown that human males had a higher percentage of motile sperm when viewing images portraying sperm competition. The aim of the present study was to look at the effects of biased auditory sex ratios on ejaculate parameters. Ejaculate parameters were compared after listening to male-biased audios and female-biased audios. There was no significant difference between male-biased and female biased audios. The results suggest auditory cues might not be as strong as visual cues in influencing sperm allocation. Future studies should investigate ejaculation response to auditory sex ratio across different cultures.


Sirot, Laura

Second Advisor

Neuhoff, John




Medicine and Health Sciences


Infertility, ejaculate, parameters, sex-ratio, auditory

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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