In a medieval horror-fantasy novel inspired by George R.R. Martin and Stephen King's, characters Nora Tali, Jasah Ellyn, Iella Aegon, Zaria Heron, and Malakai Remes navigate a world plagued by theft, violence, and war across the continents of Azias and Gerros. Nora Tali must deal with the aftermath of her parents' death and try to solve the curse set upon her family. After getting captured, Jasah Ellyn must do all he can to stay alive as a prisoner on the Island of Tav in order to make it back to his family. Iella Aegon must overcome her father's reign of terror to become her own person in a world run by cruel men. Zaria Heron and Malakai Remes must band together to stop the war between their peoples'. Over the course of the novel, every character must overcome their own individual issues during a turbulent time in their lives.


Prendergast, Thomas




novel, medieval fantasy, horror-fantasy

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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