This study looks at how societal morals and values within the United States affect why people work at a Boys and Girls Club in Western Michigan, as well as how the biases held by these employees and within the surrounding community change the environment within the Club. Turnover within nonprofits has been common throughout many organizations. I studied the correlation between religious values within the community and the reasons why staff members choose to work at The Boys and Girls Club. Through the examination of texts given to staff and volunteers at the local club, staff interviews, and the analysis of all three sites within this Western Michigan Club I found people why people worked at The Boys and Girls Club within Western Michigan. My analysis of these materials looks at how external factors affect the environment within the Club and if this is a problem. I also consider how this Boys and Girls Club might be able to find and retain staff within this community.


Matsuzawa, Seiko


Sociology and Anthropology


Civic and Community Engagement | Sociology of Religion


Religion, Nonprofit, Organization, Civic Engagement, Civic Service

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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