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Sappho (600-570 BCE) was a talented Greek Lyric Poet. Unfortunately, today she is either known at an academic level of discourse or as an LGBTQ+ icon. However, neither of these interests fully engage with the beauty of her work. This experiential I.S. project entitled ‘Playing Sappho’ uses a website with a blog and ‘How-To’ videos to engage in the re-creation and participation of Sappho’s work with particular attention to the Hymn to Aphrodite and Fragment 16. I also evaluate modern interpretations and translations of Sappho. The website blog highlights my process and challenges; it also showcases how to build your own lyre and how to sing in ancient Greek, in order to allow a wider public to appreciate Sappho’s work. My project allows for a greater level of public interaction and ensures that site visitors can experiment with their own Sapphic performances. Through this it is my hope that Sappho’s beautiful work might be widely sung again.


Florence, Monica

Second Advisor

Holt, Katie


Classical Studies; History


Ancient History, Greek and Roman through Late Antiquity | Indo-European Linguistics and Philology | Other Classics | Public History | Translation Studies


Sappho, Performance, Public History

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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