“Scottish Plays and Media: An Excavation of Scottish Identity” studies characteristics of media specific to Scottish culture and looks at how to incorporate these elements into theatrical designs packages by examining an array of Scottish films, artists, and historical locations from Scotland as inspiration for set designs. Each design is created for a Scottish play, including Lizzie Lochhead’s Mary Queen of Scots got her Head Chopped Off, Alistair Beaton’s Caledonia, and Kieran Hurley’s Rantin using a plethora of sources to analyze these scripts, news articles, scholarly documents, and film documentaries. By analyzing Scottish media and plays, the project deciphers key elements of Scottish identity that are imperative to cultural preservation.


Hobbs, Daniel


Theatre and Dance


Arts and Humanities | Film and Media Studies | Fine Arts | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Political History | Theatre and Performance Studies


Scotland, Theatre, Theater, Design, Cultural Preservation, Brexit, England, Supernatural, Set Design, Scottish, Lizzie Lochhead, Mary Queen of Scots got her Head Chopped Off, Alistair Beaton, Caledonia, Kieran Hurley, Rantin, Peter Howson, Francis Bacon, Ken Currie, Trainspotting, Whiskey Galore!, Darian Harvey, Darian Alexis Harvey

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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