This project focuses on examining the importance of user experience in web-design and how conducting usability tests can improve website performance. Since designers often design based on their own intimate knowledge of the product they are creating, compared to the limited knowledge of the user, major usability issues arise. In order to bridge the gap between the designer’s conceptual model and the end user ’s mental model, a website, SkillSHARE, is created to help Vietnamese youth unleash their potential and start on the path to global citizenship by connecting with experienced mentors overseas. They can see details of international students, where they have studied and are studying, where they are working, living, etc. Therefore, students can choose mentors that fit their situation and desires and who will answer questions and give them helpful advice. Threee usability tests are conducted to measure the usability, or ease of use, of the web application, whereas general human–computer interaction studies attempt to formulate universal principles for the design of the website.


Byrnes, Denise


Computer Science


Computer Sciences

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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