In the last decade, developing African states have received substantial economic and political attention in the form of Chinese foreign aid flows. The presence has been largely documented in international relations scholarly literature, however, there has been lack of transparency regarding these aid flows, their motives and whether that they have an impact on developmental growth in recipient African states. This paper aims to study the impact of distinguished aid flows on developmental growth in underdeveloped recipient African states using political, institution, economic, regulatory and developmental growth indicators that includes rule of law index, political corruptions index, government effectiveness index, GDP per capita (annual % growth) and the regulatory quality index. I employ a regression analysis to the evaluate relationship and significance disaggregated aid flows; Other Official Flows (OOF) and Official Developmental Assistance (ODA) along with the development indicators have on developmental growth. The study reveals that OOF inflows holding these indicators constant has a significant influence on developmental as opposed to ODA flows. Evidence also suggests that ODA and OOF are disbursed from the donor with dissimilar strategic motives.


Krain, Matthew


Global and International Studies


Political Economy | Political Science


Foreign Aid, Development, China, Africa, Aid, Developing States

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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