The subconscious judgements we make about people from the second we meet them greatly impacts how we interact with that individual in the future. The world of dating is changing rapidly due to the increasing use of technology such as online dating applications. Thus, making a good first impression has never been more important due to the perception of there being a large array of potential mates to choose from when using a mobile dating app. When we perceive a face as attractive, we automatically associate more positive traits with that individual. The current work examines the accuracy of first impressions on personality judgements by exposing participants to full-body photographs of zero-acquaintance targets and recording the inferences made about their personality traits. A one way, between-subjects ANOVA was conducted with participants who were either users or non-users of online dating apps and the accuracy of their judgements as the between-subject factors. Results showed that more attractive targets were given higher scores on relationship desirability. Results also showed that for younger participants (age < 30 years), targets were given more positive ratings and judged more favorably than how the older participants (age >30) judged the targets. Some significant results demonstrate how these findings present new evidence that there is some accuracy of first-impression personality judgements. Results are discussed with regard to their implication for mobile dating app use.


Casey, Michael




Personality and Social Contexts | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social Psychology


Personality, dating apps, romantic relationships, first impressions

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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