The purpose of this study is to examine Asian-Americans on American magazine covers through their visual depictions. The “model minority” frame in drawn upon to visually analyze general readership, sports, and specialty entertainment magazine covers with Asian-American subjects. This study looks at four aspects of these covers that include clothing, posture, hairstyle and lighting/background. Past research deals with magazine cover stories and cover pictures, but not specifically with Asian-Americans as the main subject. The study extends scholarship regarding magazine cover depiction, specifically with Asian-Americans. One implication is that Asian representation on magazine covers has improved in terms of visibility and numbers, but most of the covers still harken back to tropes and characteristics of covers done for white celebrities.


Kies, Bridget


Communication Studies


Asian American Studies | Visual Studies


Asian-American, Model Minority, magazine covers, minority depiction, visual representation in media

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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