The Indonesian National Revolution (1945-1949) was a complicated, violent event resulting in the nation of Indonesia. Although many have studied the event along with the formation of national identity, the research has been focused on elite, urban men in Java. Using memoirs and photographs, I have constructed a narrative centering young women in the formation of national identity and the revolution. Indonesia’s national identity is characterized by the contradictions of Indonesia as both a united and diverse nation. This national fervor culminates in this revolutionary period, with young men and women alike fighting for freedom. In the form of a graphic novel, I told the story of an elite, young woman from Yogyakarta, Java during the revolution, with the goal of reaching general audiences on the College of Wooster campus.


Ng, Margaret

Second Advisor

Zurko, Walter


Art and Art History; History


Asian History | Book and Paper | Fiction | Fine Arts | Illustration | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Islamic World and Near East History | Social History | South and Southeast Asian Languages and Societies | Women's History


Indonesia, Indonesia National Revolution, Women, National Identity, Graphic Novel, Comic, Historical Fiction

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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