Strategic human resource practices have gained popularity as of late, in particular the process of adding voice platforms into the workplace. This paper observes the effects that introducing employee voice has on labor productivity. Theoretical framework is introduced, which has a large focus on the micro effects that voice has on productivity. Expansions of this theory is made in the data section with the European Company Survey 2013. Multinomial logit regressions have been utilized to analyze this phenomenon. After multiple stratifications of the model I found that adding voice into the firm does increase the likelihood of seeing a more productive workplace. In addition to these findings, the results of this study also predict different voice structures to have varying effects on the productivity of labor. As voice increases to a certain level, we will tend to see firms not benefit and see that firms labor productivity will tend to diminish as excess voice platforms are introduced into the workplace. In conclusion, I found voice to increase the productivity of labor in the firm only up to a certain level.


Mellizo, Phiilip


Business Economics


Performance Management


Human Resource Management, Employee Voice

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis

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