Over the course of this project, I argue for a Land Ethic based in the accounts provided by Aldo Leopold and Bryan G. Norton, which requires the incorporation of experimentalism, a multi-scalar approach, and localism into environmental policy decision.

The first chapter is spent establishing the importance of having an environmental ethic and explaining the philosophies of Aldo Leopold and Bryan Norton, which serve as the basis for my account. In the second chapter, I engage in a case study of Bears Ears National Monument involving background information and incorporating geospatial analysis of the area. My third chapter directly critiques the argumentation used to justify reducing the monument. Finally, in my last chapter I argue that the reduction constitutes a wrong action due to its violation of the Land Ethic I established in the first chapter.


McBride, Lee

Second Advisor

Pollock, Meagen


Earth Sciences; Philosophy

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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