This Independent Study is about love, which is undoubtedly amongst the values that makes our lives truly meaningful. In modern society, we witness various instances that suggest how “love” may be misunderstood in many ways. In particular, capitalistic and individualistic principles underlie the mindset of the modern population, leading them to treat the love for others as a luxury, something that is less of a necessity or priority in life. South Korea, in which Confucian ideas heavily influenced its traditional cultural development, is a representative example to demonstrate how modernization undermines the altruistic love and confines one’s scope of love to a more private one. Capitalism and Individualism essentially harms the manifestation of benevolence. In hope for a better understanding of love in the modern era to eventuate, I develop an account of love based on Christianity and Universal Love in order to recapture the altruistic values, meaning of love, and the place it should take in everyone’s lives.


Rudisill, John



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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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