The topic of immigration has always been a heavily charged topic of discussion. But it seems as though the discussion of immigration is heavily generalized: we do not seek out the versatile stories that differ from the conventional male lens, leaving the African immigrant woman as a dependent character in another’s story. It is important that we acknowledge the multidimensional standpoints of African immigrant women and how they are shaped and impacted by migration.

The purpose of my study is to seek out these stories and perspectives through conducted interviews in order to attain insight on the varied impacts of migration and to contribute a more gender sensitive study of migration. Combined with a visual component, this projects attempts to translate the written and oral to the visual, allowing for other transnational migration stories to be seen, giving autonomy and a voice to the African women.


Marina Mangubi

Second Advisor

Ahmet Atay


Art and Art History; Communication Studies


Arts and Humanities | Fine Arts


Transnationalism, African Immigrant women, Multiple Identities, Graffiti, Autoethnography

Publication Date


Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis



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