This project asked how can one make use of an econometric tool, specifically the regression model, as a source for choreography. Through integrating my research on dance choreography and econometrics, I created a dance piece that demonstrates the numerical relationships of a realized regression equation. The dance was separated into three sections, with each examining an econometric concept. Taking the primary question at hand one step further, this project also explored how this approach to choreography can be generalized so that almost any regression model can be a choreographic tool. Subsequently, a guideline was devised to provide other choreographers various ways to visually manifest econometric concepts in a dance. Despite the difficulty in reconciling many econometric concepts into one dance, I found the regression equation an effective tool to structure and determine elements of choreography. The final dance piece and guideline exemplify interdisciplinary research on dance and econometrics, two seemingly unrelated subjects.


Tritt, Kim


Theatre and Dance


Dance | Econometrics

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar



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