The purpose of this study is to see how Angela Rye as a Black woman utilizes her rhetoric as a CNN political commentator to question rhetorical and representation standards of Black women in political television. There is much scholarship on Black feminist thought, intersectionality, and the stereotypes that follow and oppression Black women in American society, but there is little research on the oppressions that Black women face in political newsrooms. Therefore, this research fills a gap in scholarship on the rhetorical and representation standards of Black women in political newsrooms. For, this study I watched various CNN political debate segments on YouTube featuring Black woman political commentator Angela Rye. The findings revealed that Rye’s verbal and nonverbal choices to not code switch, and her reclaiming and challenging of the angry Black woman stereotype questions the representation of Black women in political newsrooms on television. Rye’s action reveal that because of her choices she is able to exercise agency conveyed through her anger for the betterment of Black and Brown lives.


Hester, Scarlett


Communication Studies


Africana Studies | Arts and Humanities | Rhetoric and Composition


Black Feminist Thought, Critical Rhetoric, News Commentator

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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