Structural racism has many components, however its operation within Mass Media is detrimental to society's perceptions of Blacks. Structural racism within Mass Media has a long history in America, and it has created black stereotypes like the Pickaninny, Mammy, Sapphire, Jezebel, Matriarch, Cracked out Mom, Welfare queen, Uncle Tom, Sambo, Black Brute and the Thug. These stereotypes originate from chattel slavery, an American Institution, and are still being perpetuated in the media today. Looking through a Critical Race Theorist and Afrocentric lens, I seek to understand how these stereotypes dehumanize the black community, and how these stereotypes are used to justify the mistreatment of blacks by non-black individuals. Specifically mistreatment by the police in regards to the rise in numbers of unarmed Black people being killed by White officers. While comparing Black stereotypes to the rhetoric by news outlets about victims of police brutality I will show how these stereotypes are being used to push Structural racism.


Wright, Josephine


Africana Studies


Racial Stereotypes, Black Lives Matter

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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