The population sex ratio greatly impacts human behavior, especially mating patterns. Recent research shows that visual exposure to unbalanced sex ratios influences perceived facial attractiveness for opposite-sex faces. When opposite-sex faces are scarce in exposure, subsequent opposite-sex faces are rated as more attractive than when they are plentiful during exposure. The current work examines an auditory analog of this effect by exposing listeners to unbalanced ratios of male and female voices and measuring the perceived attractiveness of subsequently presented opposite sex voices. A 2x2 ANOVA was conducted with participant sex and sex ratio exposure as the between-subject factors. Results showed that when participants were in the low-exposure group, ratings of opposite-sex voices were significantly greater than the ratings from participants who were in the high-exposure group. These findings present new evidence that could further explain the effect of unbalanced sex ratios of local populations on mating-related behaviors in humans.


Neuhoff, John




Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar



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