The main focus of this study was to examine how emotional intelligence, social support, and impulsivity affect substance abuse. Emotional intelligence was also examined as a dependent variable to better illuminate its relationship with substance abuse. Emotional intelligence and social support were predicted to correlate negatively with substance abuse, while impulsivity was predicted to correlate positively with substance abuse. Emotional intelligence and social support were not found to significantly predict substance abuse, although impulsivity did have a positive correlation with substance abuse as predicted. Social support correlated positively with emotional intelligence, while impulsivity had a negative relationship with emotional intelligence. Overall, these findings support the theory that impulsivity and substance abuse have a close positive relationship; these findings also indicate that high emotional intelligence is associated with high social support, and that high impulsivity tends to be associated with lower emotional intelligence. The findings of this study create future possibilities for more comprehensive research on what variables should be addressed when attempting to treat substance abuse disorders.


Garcia, Amber




Social and Behavioral Sciences


Addiction, Emotional Intelligence, Impulsivity, Social Support

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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