This independent study thesis is divided into 6 chapters. All content for those chapters is original works by both ancient and contemporary philosophers. The paper has an introduction that is helpful in understanding first of all why as a philosophy student did I choose this topic, which includes some background of my thoughts and ideas and views on current political climate. In that same realm, there is an explanation of why you the reader should care about this.

The second chapter starts to delve into a few key concepts using Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. This reading leads us through a serious of ideas and definitions including intrinsic vs. instrumental goods, noble acts, and eudemonia. Aristotle also goes into what the pursuit of all humans should be in general, which is human flourishing, a virtuous life. This shows us what it means to be a good person.

The third chapter, which is Plato’s Crito-Dialogue, helps to show us what the responsibilities of a citizen are, and what happens when the government misapplies laws and we are introduced to civil disobedience.

The fourth chapter is used Aristotle's Politics to answer 3 questions. It tells us what a government is made up of, how it runs currently and how it is supposed to run. This helps to set the standard for how a society should in fact operate, and how officials and legislators should operate with that societal context. In addition, Aristotle shows us the dangers of the Master vs. Slave mentality of politics.

Lastly, we are introduced to Dr. Martin Luther King’s, “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” which clearly lays out the dangers of injustice, in the form of segregation and when “Civil Disobedience” is in fact necessary


Huswitt, Ron




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