Through a three-chapter structure, I will present and argue for the necessity of a second order rational dispositional state concerned with self-reflection regarding an individual’s moral failings, aimed towards well action, as it presents itself through the practice of a specific recent trend in stand-up comedy. In chapter one, I provide a general philosophic and historical context with which to make sense of and argue for the importance of this comedic trend as an art form. In chapter two, I provide argumentation for the necessity of this particular dispositional state as a way of practicing virtue and improving upon the moral psychology of the individual that practices it, with an aim towards flourishing. Finally, in chapter three, I address the importance of the public aspect of this virtue, beyond the individual that practices it. I argue that the practice of this dispositional state as performed through this style of stand-up is not only a plausible but highly effective means with which to provide public moral education, and correct hermeneutic injustices.


Riley, Evan



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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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