The Late Ordovician was a time of great faunal turnover in the Cincinnati basin of North America. In this period of a few million years, known as the Richmondian Invasion, invasive taxa were transported into the basin from multiple sources which include other regions of Laurentia, the Iapetus ocean, and Baltica. Among them were a multitude of brachiopods and corals but bryozoans are some of the most prolific in the fossil record. According to some of the experts on the invasion, the incredible amount of bryozoans has obstructed their study of the carbonate ramp in the region. It is the aim of this study to begin to unravel the mystery of the bryozoans of the Richmondian Invasion so they can be better understood in the context of this large-scale biotic influx.


Wilson, Mark

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Bourne, Dan


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