This independent study was designed to analyze the different effects that the media has had in producing a public opinion on stereotypes in different collegiate sports in different decades. After analyzing media accounts from the Duke lacrosse scandal in 2006 and the Baylor football scandal that started in 2012, I reviewed different methods used by journalists to gather information to determine how each scandal was publicized. In Durham, members of the media quickly jumped on the lacrosse team to expose a team of misunderstood binge drinkers and demanded they be found guilty, while in Waco, the scandal was covered up by the coaching staff and administration until multiple women alleged sexual assault by many players on the football team. Many journalists were quick to judge at Duke, while they stayed out of Baylor’s business. In the future, journalists must effectively investigate each story, while weighing the input and opinions of many and swaying away from judgments throughout the process. While stereotypes exist and are true in many facets, they should not produce content for a story or allow individuals or groups to be judged based upon them.


Grace, Nancy



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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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