When one we try to imaginereads about slavery and the emancipation era in the United States, the enslavement of African Americans, the experiences and activism of lives of enslaved bBlack children is rarely come to mind[SK1] . This IS focuses on the lived experiences of black youth within the period of 1865-1914 and looks specifically at topics such as slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the making of Jim Crow. between African Americans gaining freedom and being affected by Jim Crow Laws in the South and de facto segregation in the North.Additionally,, during the reign of the Ku Klux Klan and other government and social entities that wanted to destroy the felt threatened by the freedom of Blacks. as a digital IS I hope that my audience can fully understand the challenges that black youth faced during the period through a virtual museum. In conclusion, I hope, this project allows for the user of the digital environment to gain a new perspective on the impact that bBlack children’s activism and resistance had impacts that children played in the South from 1865-1914. .

[SK1]You also want to mention that there is some scholarship on black Bchildren during slavery and after.


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