The goal of this study is to investigate from whom students at the College of Wooster perceive the most support, parents or professors. The social support between students and parents, and students and professors was examined in order to compare these two relationships. Additionally, various personality markers were used to assess social support for College of Wooster students. These personality markers include social adjustment, anxiety, self-esteem, and academic confidence. Additionally, students’ grade point averages were used to examine social support differences between groups. College of Wooster students were the participants in this study. They were sent an electronic survey through their College of Wooster email. When participating, the electronic survey consisted of questions about demographics, perceived social support of parents and professors, anxiety, self-esteem, grade point averages and academic performance, social adjustment, and academic confidence. The data analysis showed that students perceived parents as more likely to provide social support than professors. Social support was found to be high across the board, with both parents and professors having high mean scores. There were almost no gender differences in support, except for professor emotional support. There were multiple significant differences between student GPA and social support.


Johnson, Michelle


Communication Studies


Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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