This interview-based study explores the ways that first-generation Latinx students in a predominantly white institution are able to interpret their family expectations/aspirations, how they define success, and the impact the two variables have on their academic success. Interviews were obtained with a sample of 11 respondents ranging from their first-year in college to their junior year. Themes that were highlighted in this study were separated into two different sections: emergent themes and focused themes. The emergent themes include the comparison amongst siblings, familial pressure in being role models, and the sense of community at their college. The focused themes were financial stability as a part of parents’ expectations and aspirations, and the achievements or accomplishments that would define the respondents’ success. There is an overlap between themes that are highlighted in a third section discussing the expectations or aspirations and the Latinx definitions of success. These themes are then analyzed to provide evidence that Latinx people value education and are able to persist in college to succeed in their academics.


Orta, David


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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