Stress is an everyday part of life in college and there are multiple ways for stress to occur. With student-athletes, they are dealing with the difficulties of stress and school while still having to perform at an optimum level. This study looks to study this exact item; how will induced stress impact the performance on a spatial orientation task. This experiment contained 45 participants that ranged from 18-22 years old. Participants completed a maze and Tangram puzzle under time and were graded for accuracy. The time it took to solve this puzzle was also recorded, if they were unable to finish participants were given a score of 1-7 for the number of correct pieces in the puzzle. Data was stored in an SPSS data file for analysis using two one-way ANOVA and a correlation. Results showed no significant data, however further research may show statistical significance.


Casey, Michael


Neuroscience; Psychology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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