This Independent Study investigates the Israeli radical right to determine if there are identifiable trends of fascistic tendencies within the movement using a latent content analysis method. The radical right has existed in Israeli society since before the founding of the state and from the movement’s conception it has been constantly accused of harboring fascistic elements. This study investigates the history of both the Revisionist and radical right Zionist movements in the land of Israel from the interwar years up to the modern day. This historical study gives context to the contemporary socio-political climate in which the modern Israeli radical rights exists today. In order to identify fascistic tendencies within the Israeli radical right a compendium of theories on the definition, explanation, and identification of fascism and fascistic tendencies are analyzes and a Theoretical Analytical Model, which is purposed to identify generic fascism, is constructed. This Theoretical Analytical Model is converted into an Analytical Matrix, which is composed of indicators connected to aspects of the relevant theory. The data for the present study are written/oral/pictorial texts which are associated with 12 activist leaders of the Israeli radical right. The data are analyzed in order to fulfill indicators in the Analytical Matrix, which demonstrates the level of fascistic tendencies a given individual expresses. In the process of analyzing the tabulated results of the Analytical Matrix, it was determined that the Theoretical Analytical Model exhibited some issues regarding validity in regards to its ability to identify generic fascism. While the Theoretical Analytical Model does not identify generic fascism it does demonstrate how closely an individual’s fascistic tendencies mirror those of European style fascism. Even with these validity issues, the Theoretical Analytical Model and the theoretical analysis of the data are able to demonstrate that there is in fact an identifiable trend of fascistic tendencies within the Israeli radical right.


Kardulias, Nick


Sociology and Anthropology


Other Sociology | Politics and Social Change | Race and Ethnicity | Regional Sociology | Sociology of Culture | Sociology of Religion


Fascism, Revisionist Maximalism, Revisionist Zionism, Israeli Radical Right

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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