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Executive functions are cognitive abilities that individuals use in everyday life situations. There are a multitude of different cognitive tasks and abilities that fall under the umbrella of executive function. Inhibition is one of the specific executive functions that is related to self-control and self-regulation. Inhibition is used to maintain focus on appropriate stimuli and to disregard interfering stimuli. An increase in this skill can aid in common day to day functioning. Stress, or state anxiety, however, is often a deterrent in the processes of inhibition. This study has aimed to determine whether a mindfulness exercise will act as a mediator to the effects that state anxiety has on the performance of inhibition. Conducting a 2x2 ANOVA, the study will provide results explaining the interactions between stress and mindfulness on the performance of a Stroop task. The Stroop task will measure inhibition in college students and help determine whether the different variables influence their performance.


Thompson, Claudia




Social Psychology


Mindfulness, Executive Function, Inhibition, Stress

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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