The Research paper will cover the history of early Volkswagen. The creation of the concept of the “Peoples Car”, and what it meant to be part of Volkswagen culture. The destruction and reconstruction of the Wolfsburg plant, Volkswagens headquarters. Then the lives of the men that helped create, rebuild, and transform Volkswagen. Men like Porsche who designed the Beetle to his own specific qualifications and regulations. Keeping an eye on every detail to make sure that nothing where to go wrong in the car and that it would later be used as a model for his cars. Nordhoff who saw the potential in Volkswagen and decided to rebuild the factory and lead to the company to what would be its world dominating power in the automotive industry through strict sales practices and the creation of the “Volkswagen spirit”. Hahn Nordhoff’s assistant who taking the reins from his mentor would launch Volkswagen into counter culture and create the American icon we now see the Beetle and Volkswagen as. Their advertisement campaign will also be covered. The “Think Small” ads by DDB that revolutionized the view of Volkswagen and advertisement. Finally how Volkswagen contributed to American car culture. In place fill with big blocks and land yachts. Volkswagen manage to etch out its own culture one that thrives today. Using a large section of secondary sources such as journals and reviews. As well as primary sources of images and news reports on Volkswagen the creation and adoption of the “Volkswagen spirit” will be pieced together to show how Volkswagen interacted with car culture in the United States.


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