A great attribute of Africana feminisms is allowing room for untraditional and traditional methods of storytelling and healing, as seen in African American folklore and Africana theatre. Black women's existences are unconventional; Therefore, it is important for the form of feminism that represents them to reflect their unconventionality and who they are inside and outside of the patriarchal gaze. Lack of inclusivity and effort to understand the forms of feminist change that black women have historically demanded has left a gap in the implementation of policies such as Title IX Act of 1972. In writing my memoir, I am using Africana feminist methods of unmasking and storytelling to analyze the experience of black college pregnancy and how this experience is considered in the advancement for equal educational opportunities. I will be using a black womanist lens and Africana feminist methods of unmasking and storytelling to examine the inclusivity of lower income black female college students in the Title IX's pregnant and parenting student policy, as implemented at the College of Wooster.


Grace, Nancy


Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies


Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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