Genomic sequencing has become a popular process present in academia, health care, and private industry. Before the results of genomic sequencing can yield any results the sequenced data must be trimmed and checked for its quality. Traditionally the trimming process has been handled by a third party resource like a computer scientist or a bioinformatician, because it requires a strong familiarity with super computing systems. The large demand for genomic data has created a bottleneck at the point of trimming. To solve this bottleneck we provide a web application called BioScript that assists biological researchers through the trimming process. BioScript guides the user through tool selection and software download, provides the user an interface to input information about their super computing system, and helps them select trimming option. For the development of this application we investigate the Ruby on Rails application framework and the Passenger application server.


Visa, Sofia


Computer Science


Bioinformatics | Software Engineering | Systems Architecture


Ruby on Rails, Web Development, NGS Trimming, Software Design

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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