My study is an album of music written and collected over the Fall and Spring semesters that I feel showcase the focused effort of my personal and academic life here at the College of Wooster. The story of Aliminal follows a young Livilian named Wendo, derived from the Swahili word meaning movement, in an imagined world created by an unconcerned deity called TYG. The Narrator, in duality with TYG, make up The Young God. The Narrator is The Young God’s vision into the realms TYG creates. In one realm, Wendo is the epic hero in the story of an invasion of mind-conquering aliens. On the path to overcoming this great task, Wendo encounters other Livilians and creatures that help guide her to her goals, until she must face off with the aliens, called Kunafasi, derived from a Swahili phrase which means the replace. This information is necessary to know before hearing my Independent Study, and this information is also threaded into the lyrics and production of the project.

The written portion of my I.S. will explain this story in greater detail and explore the messages that direct the creation of the project as well as how the project stands in line with other stories of epic heroes. I will be focusing on the presence of female epic heroes in Hip Hop, and expressing how this project is unique as a result of my specific approach and technique. However, the written portion of my Independent Study is truly supplementary to the aforementioned album that has been arranged for study. The true impact of the approach lies in the energy that have been put into the lyrics and organization of this project. The deductions of this essay are present in the album, ready for your ears like print.


Tognazzini, Anthony




Audio Arts and Acoustics | Fiction | Poetry


Aliminal, Kevante, Weakley, K.O., TYG, anarchy, feminism, afro-futurism, afro-futurist, futurist, livilians, wendo, swahili, epic, hero, magic, fiction, rap, hip hop

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Bachelor of Arts

Document Type

Senior Independent Study Thesis

01 Creation (The Narrator_TYG).wav (41743 kB)
Describes the creation of Wendo's world

02 The Beginning_ Never Enough.mp3 (13810 kB)
Wendo's altercation with Mamma

03 New World_ What If_.wav (25389 kB)
Wendo Leaves her home

04 Outta Pocket.mp3 (6432 kB)
Wendo is outside and contemplates as the day ends

05 Encounter One.mp3 (8452 kB)
Wendo wakes in a strange place and encounters a strange creature

06 Task One_ Be The Master.m4a (5211 kB)
Wendo reflects on the newly discovered threat

07 Meditation feat. Welekeo.mp3 (5092 kB)
Wendo talks to another Livilian, Welekeo, for guidance

08 Encounter 2.mp3 (5262 kB)
Wendo battles Uongo

09 Approaching the Cave.mp3 (6732 kB)
Wendo reflects on her loss to Uongo

10 Task Two_ In the Cave (Silhouette).wav (27673 kB)
Wendo conquers her fears

11 Encounter 3.wav (38014 kB)
Wendo battles Uongo a final time



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