To examine the influence of revealing and non-revealing uniforms on body image and appearance, restrictive dieting and compulsive exercise behaviors, and objectified body consciousness, this study involved the participation of 108 College of Wooster students, 83 of which were College of Wooster student athletes between the ages of 18 and 22. The study was directed towards determining whether the type of uniform (revealing or non-revealing) had an influence on male and female athletes and their feelings towards their body and appearance, compulsive exercise behaviors, restrictive dieting behaviors, and level of objectified body consciousness. A pilot study was run to determine which sports had revealing and non-revealing uniforms. These sports were used in the experimental study. Participants answered 4 questionnaires to examine the impact on uniforms on the various consequences. Results of this study suggested that there was a significant difference between males and females in restrictive dieting behaviors, but there were not any significant differences between type of uniform for restrictive dieting. Results also indicated that there were not differences between gender or type of uniform in compulsive exercise behaviors, dissatisfaction about one’s body and appearance, and level of objectified body consciousness. Research in this area should be continued as there are still many things to be learned about the influence of various types of uniforms on one’s body image, body change behaviors, and level of objectified body consciousness.


Thompson, Claudia




Objectification, Body image, Athletes, Uniforms

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar



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