Regional theatres are non-profit organizations that survive off earned and contributed income. In particular, contributed, or donated, income can change depending on the community a theatre is located in. However, there is no consensus whether there is a relationship between the two. This study compares Arena Stage, Guthrie Theater, Cleveland Play House and Alley Theatre to answer the question; how does geographic location relate to the ratios of revenue sources? The income ratios were based off numbers derived from 990 tax forms and the theatres’ operating budgets. Those numbers were then analyzed and compared to the other theatres’ income ratios. It was conclusive that there is a relationship between location and the income sources of a theatre. However, the study should not end here. There are other facets of this topic that need to be explored so that theatres can better understand their local financial options to maximize both their earned and contributed revenue.


Huston-Findley, Shirley


Theatre and Dance


Arts Management | Finance and Financial Management | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Other Theatre and Performance Studies | Theatre History


theatre, regional theatre, finance, theatre history, financial ananlysis

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar



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