The goal of this study was to examine different persuasion styles and strategies to convey leadership traits through an analysis of successful entrepreneurs’ websites that revealed effective forms of self presentation through a digital medium. In order to collect data, a content analysis was completed. Three students at The College of Wooster used a codebook. For those entrepreneurs included in the study, there was no requirement besides having a business that was considered successful, whether that was in the large sector of business or the small sector of business. In total, there were twenty-two female entrepreneurs websites (businesses), twelve big businesses and ten small businesses. There were multiple conclusions from this study. First, almost all websites included both persuasive tactics and leadership techniques in their study in order to attract customers. Persuasion showed to be utilized more than a depiction of leadership on the entrepreneurs’ websites. Second, of all appeals created by Aristotle: logos, pathos, and ethos, ethos was found in all but two websites. Leadership was primarily shown through the trait of being focused, among others. These conclusions lead those who are creating websites to consider what the audience is looking for and what is found most commonly on female entrepreneurs’ websites. This information is then useful for those who want to persuade an audience or depict leadership in a future website using presentation of self in how to do so effectively.


Johnson, Dr. Michelle


Communication Studies

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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