This study analyzed a missionary organization from Southeastern Wisconsin that goes to Haiti once a year to give the children at an orphanage medical checkups. Many missionary groups go to different countries to help, but they do not always understand the culture that they are walking into, they just know that the country needs help. I am looking at what does this group do to prepare to interact with Haitian culture and how do they spread the word of their organization. Using the theories of scapes, neo imperialism, tourist anthropology and structural violence, I will be assessing why the group needs to go to Haiti, how they have made their contacts while reaching others with their mission statement, as well as what could be problematic about their presence. My scholarly sources explain the history of missionary work, why missionary work is needed in Haiti as well as discussing the Haitian culture. My findings, backed by interviews with participants in the organization, support the fact that while this missionary organization does a lot of good through their donations as well as visits, they have also had some moments when they have crossed some cultural line and have been asked not to return to the orphanage as a result.


Matsuzawa, Setsuko


Sociology and Anthropology

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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