This thesis examines the experiences of African-American football coaches at the college and professional level. It uses one on one interviews with coaches to learn about their playing experiences, role models, preparation for becoming a coach and their coaching careers. This thesis interprets prominent sociological theories such as the critical race theory. The research studies the setbacks that minority student-athletes go through before college, during college and after they graduate. This project stresses the importance on the misrepresentation of minority student athletes in comparison to minorities with high power at Public White Institutions of Higher Education and the National Football League. The study is significant because it presents connections to a current social issue being the systematic oppression of minorities in America. Through this research and discussion this study pursues behaviors and procedures that can help diminish the hierarchical discrimination amongst minorities in the workplace specifically in the collegiate and professional football coaching field.


Tierney, Thomas


Sociology and Anthropology


Sociology | Sports Studies


The College of Wooster, Senior IS, Football, Leadership, Coaching

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Degree Granted

Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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