The role of female politicians is a topic that has garnered significant study. More specifically, the concept of gendered issues (Mirya R. Holman 2015; Witt, Paget, and Matthews 1994) is one that deserves greater attention, especially when we see issues outside of the female gender norm becoming important in the national dialogue. Specifically, I am referring to Defense and National Security, both of which are issues that are incredibly salient in the minds of constituents, though are not generally thought of as within the capabilities of a female politician (Lawless 2004). 9/11 is perhaps the most salient National Security-related event to have happened within our country, and in the years surrounding 9/11, citizen’s concern regarding Defense and Foreign Policy became more heightened (Lawless 2004). What I hope to get after in this study is the impact 9/11 had on women in the Senate, given that citizens were prioritizing National Security and women were perceived as less equipped to handle such policy areas.


Bos, Angela


Political Science


American Politics


Gender in Politics, Bill Sponsorship, 9/11, Terrorism, Women's Issues, Senate

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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