The oil and natural gas industry has played a major role socially, politically, and economically in the state of Ohio. Focusing on Morrow County, Ohio, the Copper Ridge/Trempealeau Formation is a large carbonate reservoir that has shown throughout time to produce a vast amount of natural resources. Examining four different wells drilled into the Copper Ridge/Trempealeau Formation, interpretations were then drafted based upon the correlation between the geophysical well log responses and detailed visual core description identifying different lithological properties and sedimentary structures. Correlating the geophysical well log responses and visual core description provided further information and reservoir characteristics regarding the Copper Ridge/Trempealeau Formation. Supported by the geophysical well log responses, the visual core description provided an interpretation of the depositional environment of shallow marine carbonates shelf deposits. The Knox unconformity directly effects the accumulation of hydrocarbons within the Copper Ridge/Trempealeau Formation reservoir. Sealed off by the overlying Wells Creek Formation and other Ordovician rocks, trapped hydrocarbons in the paleotopographic highs of erosional remnants formed by karst processes. This research and study provides interpretations of potential hydrocarbon bearing pay zones, accumulation, reservoir characteristics, and lithological information regarding the Copper Ridge/Trempealeau Formation and could aid in additional exploration studies.


Judge, Shelly






Ohio Oil and Gas, Geology, Oil and Gas, Hydrocarbons

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