Regression analysis is seen as a tool to predict the future. However, many times regression models create misleading predictions or completely fail. There are other times when unexpected circumstances render of all the data gathered about a topic useless. Instead, regression analysis is a subject that deals with the exploration of information. Its begins by gathering one's already known information on a subject and then expanding by gathering and testing data. Regression involves a lot statistics along with other math concepts such as calculus. Ultimately regression analysis is about understanding the relations between variables and a never ending questioning of the results.

In this study we will go through what a general regression analysis is and how it is used. Then two types of regressions will be explained, linear regression first and then logistic regression. There will be a real life example explained in the end. A conclusion detailing everything that was previously discussed will also be given.


Kelvey, Robert



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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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