The purpose of this project is to explain what historical forces led to the construction of Greenhills, Ohio. The goal is to show that Greenhills is one example in a very long line of planned residential communities in American history which have been designed in order to solve contemporary societal issues. This has been done by examining how Americans have constructed space in preceding planned communities. Upon examining these examples, it is clear that Greenhills is very much part of what I identify as an American spatial tradition, a community which especially borrows from the utopian and progressive elements of this tradition. Through a spatial analysis of Greenhills, this research highlights how New Deal reformers sought to implement their vision for a collective and cooperative society through their spatial construction of this suburban community.


Roche, Jeff




American Studies | Other Geography | Political History | United States History | Urban Studies and Planning


Greenhills, Resettlement Administration, New Deal, Greenbelt, Greenbelt Towns, Utopianism, Rexford Tugwell, Farm Security Administration

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis Exemplar



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