Despite the vast research done and prominent media representation of post-World War II Germany, the surface is just being scratched in regards to the discussion of Germany’s shifting political, economic, and social climates as a result of the Syrian refugee crisis. The relationship between Germany and the Syrian refugee crisis is internationally known, however it is often portrayed as an unsolvable humanitarian crisis that needs attention. Correspondingly, Germany and Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, are depicted as brave, philanthropic actors of aid as they welcomed millions of Syrians into their country. Through literature and news sources discussing chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany’s stance on multiculturalism, the causes and consequences of the Syrian refugee crisis, and the definitions of German Heimat and home, the social, political, and humanitarian histories of these topics led to ideas and explanations of the current state of Germany and the people living there. As a result of the influx of Syrians into Germany, there has been a sense of soul searching and a pursuit for home, as the face of Germany has proven to be fluid. Researching this relationship that links Germany and the Syrian refugee crisis has led to a creation of ideas about how the Syrian refugees living in Germany has ultimately created a national confusion of identity and sense of home, while Syrians are acclimating, integrating, and finding their own sense of home. It is clear that there are gaps in literature researching and discussing these findings and it is essential, as the world moves forward, to create the discussion and academic representation of Germany’s relationship with the Syrian refugee crisis and the effects of this relationship on Germany and Syrians, predominately focusing on German society and national identity today.


Sene, Ibra


Global and International Studies; History


European History | Other International and Area Studies


Refugees, Germany, European Union, United Nations, Syria

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Bachelor of Arts

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Senior Independent Study Thesis



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