This paper examines how the training of women in the United States Marine Corps has changed from World War I to the Vietnam War. The goal of this paper is to show the connection between women’s training and their increased role in the military. The paper utilizes government documents, interviews with veterans, and existing research on the history of women in service. As women gained more rights in the armed forces, the military had to adjust women’s roles to match the wants of society. Society placed women into ridged gender roles and was reluctant to have women stray from their assigned responsibilities. As women’s roles in the military expanded and many desired a life other than to be a housewife, women would receive more training. The additional training allowed women to gain the skills necessary to have a successful career in the Marines, but also the ability to specialize in a field. The advances to women’s training allowed the Marine Corps to continue to have the most elite service women in the nation.


Pozefsky, Peter




Other American Studies


Women Marines, Marine Corps, military, women, WWI, Vietnam

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